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7/21/2020 9:11 pm  #1

2020 Season Adjustments

We will not be playing for money this year. League fees already paid will transfer to next season.

We will play 7 weeks of regular season match-ups.
Standings will be based on total season points. (We likely won't be able to keep the standings updated on the ESPN site but we could do it on this site)
We will continue to use weekly match-ups to keep our starting limits intact.
Win-loss record will only be used in the unlikely event of a tie.
The four playoff teams will consist of the three division winners and one wildcard team. #1 will play the wild card and #2 will play #3.

So that the season isn't a complete waste, we will be playing for draft order of the 2021 first round.

1.1 - Champion
1.2 - Runner-Up
​1.3 - 3rd place
1.4 - 4th place

Non-playoff teams

1.5 - Highest REGULAR SEASON point total
1.6 - 2nd Highest
1.7 - 3rd Highest
and so on.

Every round after will be like our traditional draft order

1 - Lowest point total
2 - 2nd lowest point total
3 - 3rd lowest point total
15 - 4th place
16 - 3rd place
17 - Runner-up
18 - Champion

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask.


7/21/2020 9:23 pm  #2

Re: 2020 Season Adjustments

The first week's pitching limits will be 17.  For some reason ESPN is still counting the first week as March 26th through August 2nd, so it's currently showing a limit of 223 starts, lol.  Please remember to not go over when setting your line-ups.

EDIT:  ESPN has updated and they've figured 19 starts, so that's what we'll go with for the first week.

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